Leadership Roles and Responsibilities  

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GPAC Sub-Committee Chairs' Responsibilities


Responsible for overseeing sub-committee initiatives, planning/scheduling all sub-committee meetings, presenting recommendations to the President and Directors annually. Broad representation across all Institutes is required for all sub-committees.


Communications Sub-Committee

  • Mission: To improve communication throughout Gladstone.

  • Accomplishments/Responsibilities: Institute-wide happy hours, postdoc website, social media (Twitter/LinkedIn), Postdoc lunch slides, postdoc calendar of events


Mentoring Sub-Committee

  • Mission: To improve mentoring at Gladstone.

  • Accomplishments/Responsibilities: Mentor coffee program, mentor evaluation, work with Gladstone Scientific Officer of Mentoring (Melanie Ott), IDP promition (with Training program and Career Development Sub-Committee)


Benefits and Compensation Sub-Committee

  • Mission: To improve work-life balance for postdocs.

  • Accomplishments/Responsibilities: Childcare assistance program, salary assessment, fellowshoip incentives for postdocs, housing/commuting assistance, opportunities for advancement


Training Program & Career Development Sub-Committee

  • Mission: to enhance the scientific training experience at Gladstone.

  • Accomplishments/Responsibilites: Postdoc lunch seminars, career talks, ExCITe, IDP promotion (wiht mentoring Sub-Committee)