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Program Director


Principal responsibilities: To serve as primary contact for postdoctoral scholars with regard to employee relations, conflict resolution issues, career development, and career counseling.


  • Oversee the Office of Postdoctoral Affairs, which includes the running of the postdoc program and being the public face of/ambassador for postdocs at Gladstone.

  • Serve as a neutral and confidential resources for addressing issues/problems between scholars and PIs.

  • Interview postdoc candidates, providing information on the postdoc salary scale and benefits as well as the insight on the postdoc program and what one can expect.

  • Conduct exit meetings with postdocs, which includes: handing over the final check' collecting the Gladstone ID badge and key (if any); verifying forwarding address information; and reviewing the online exit questionnaire that asks for the postdoc's overall experience at Gladstone.

  • Oversee the activities of Gladstone's Postdoctoral Advisory Committee, coordinating efforts of the sub-committees and taskforces, keeping them on track and focused.

  • Work with the Gladstone Scientific Officer for Mentoring to establish a mentoring program that speaks to Gladstone's mentor standards.

  • Assist in the design and implementation of a tool to assess mentor effectiveness and facilitate incorporation of feedback to the mentor.

  • Organize mentor training sessions focused on the developmental areas identified with the mentor assessment tool.

  • Develop and maintain postdoc resource materials and update content on both the postdoc website and the Office of Postdoctoral Affairs.

  • Communication of timely articles, workshops, job openings, and events of interest to postdocs. This includes updating content on the postdoc calendar.

  • Conduct postdoc orientation, separate from new hire orientation, once a quarter or when appropriate.

  • Establish career development resources for postdocs, including examples of CVs and research plans, information on local career planning seminars, professional organization activities, and grants training workshops.

  • Coordinate career development luncheons for scholars with industry representatives to discuss opportunities in biotech and pharmaceutical industries and in areas such as genomics, bioinformatics, intellectual property, teaching and manufacturing. The luncheons will provide networking opportunities as well as career development support.

  • Provide career development counsel to assist scholars with job opportunities and requirements; facilitate networking opportunities with Gladstone alumni and business leaders.

  • Conduct a bi-annual postdoc survey, which also includes creating a summary report that can be sued to create actionable items.

  • Coordinate/plan special events for postdocs, such as GPAC institute-wide happy hour, Postdoc Appreciation Day, etc., in conjunction with committees
    and other Administrative staff as appropriate.


  • Coordinate diversity recruitment sourcing female and minority candidates, as well as build and maintain relationships with affinity organizations. Work closely with Chief Human Resources Officer and recruiter to develop innovative candidate assessment and recruiting strategies.

  • In conjunction with GPAC, represent Gladstone at the NPA Annual meetings. Forward communication from the NPA as appropriate, including information on Gladstone's institutional membership.

  • Other duties assigned.