Postdoc Titles


žPostdoctoral Fellow

Most postdocs are considered postdoctoral fellows. Opportunities for advancement will depend on length of tenure and achievement (see below).


Postdoctoral Scholar

The Gladstone Scholars Program was established to recognize the achievement of postdoctoral fellows who have been awarded particularly meritorious fellowships. Gladstone Scholars will be compensated at the levels awarded by the funding organization. The Directors and President will select specific fellowships that meet their criteria for merit and competition. To date, they have approved fellowships from the Howard Hughes Medical Institute, Damon Runyon, and Pfizer.


  • —Postdoctoral Scholar


  • —CIRM Postdoctoral Scholar


  • —HHMI Scholar




Scientist appointments are designed to foster career development by providing additional training. žPostdoctoral Scholars with at least 3 years of postdoc experience are eligible for promotion to Research Scientist, which recognizes accomplishments, dedication and potential for independence. —Postdoctoral scholars with three to four years of relevant experience prior to coming to the Gladstone may be considered for the Research Scientist position. žResearch Scientist appointments are renewable annually upon mutual agreement between you on your PI. žRecommendations are made via a support letter from the PI that addresses the candidate's experience and progress in research.  Support letters should be sent to the Director of the Institute.



Staff Scientist—

—Researchers who have distinguished themselves during their initial training program may be eligible to compete for an NIH K award and for promotion to the level of Staff Scientist.