Gladstone Postdoctoral Advisory Committee (GPAC)


The Gladstone Institutes strives to provide the best training for its postdoctoral scholars, including rigorous scientific training, personalized attention and mentoring, and a rich research environment supplemented by close interactions with colleagues at the University of California, San Francisco.




Building a community that empowers and promotes postdoctoral scholars at Gladstone.




Creating a supportive environment that maximizes the professional and scien­tific development of postdoctoral scholars at Gladstone.




  • Advocacy: To provide a forum for discussion of topics related to the postdoctoral experience at Gladstone.

  • Incubator: To develop and implement programs and policies that improve Gladstone.

  • Network: To encourage a sense of community among Gladstone postdoctoral scholars by promoting professional and social interactions.


In March 2008, several postdoctoral fellows from each of the three Gladstone Institutes met to discuss emerg­ing issues facing this portion of the Gladstone com­munity. The fellows present at this initial meeting felt it worthwhile to organize a formal group that meets on a regular basis to identify and address important issues facing Gladstone postdocs. This effort led to formation of the official Gladstone Postdoctoral Advisory Committee (GPAC). The GPAC meets monthly (usually on the last Tuesday of the month) and is led by a chair or co-chairs. Faith Kreitzer, Program Director, John Peck, the postdoctoral advisor/associate director of human resources and Susan Dzierson, the human resources officer, serve on the committee as ex officio and ad hoc members, respectively.


If you interested in joining the Gladstone Postdoctoral Advisory Committee, or want to help out with postdoc activities, contact Sudha Krishnamurthy at 2769 or via email at