Mentoring at Gladstone - Our Commitment


Mentoring is a hallmark of the Gladstone postdoctoral program. The full development of postdoctoral fellows depends on an excellent mentoring program to provide role models for scientists just establishing their careers and to solve problems in the laboratory. Each of us has a part in this important effort.


Principal Investigators

Mentoring is now a specific item for discussion during the annual performance reviews, both between trainees and Principal Investigators and between Directors and Principal Investigators. Mentors will receive feedback about their performance in meeting the mentoring standards. Principal Investigators will receive additional training in mentoring through management development seminars, talks by outside investigators who are particularly successful mentors, and distribution of pertinent literature.


Postdoctoral Fellows


We also want to make postdoctoral fellows more aware of procedures that exist for addressing problems between postdoctoral fellows and mentors. We encourage fellows to approach their mentor directly. However, if further action is required, fellows can seek resolution from the Institute's Director, the postdoctoral fellows coordinator in the Human Resources Department, or the President. The Directors and the Human Resources Department will consider an external consultant if the conflicts remain unresolved. Training in conflict resolution (for mentors and trainees) will be incorporated into the in-house training program (Gladstone Extension Courses).


The Institutes


Gladstone is creating a mentoring network that extends beyond the individual laboratories. For example, a "Women in Science" seminar series gives female fellows an opportunity to interact with successful women scientists. Discrimination of any kind is not tolerated at the Gladstone Institutes. The Committee on Advancement of Women Scientists at Gladstone, in conjunction with the President, Directors and Human Resources Department, continually evaluates and recommends changes and develop new programs to advance women scientists in the Institutes.