Sudha Krishnamurthy, BDS, PhD, is the Director for the Office of Postdoctoral and Graduate Affairs (OPGA).  She oversees OPGA, serving as the primary contact for postdoctoral scholars and graduate students with regard to employee relations, conflict resolution issues, career development, and mentoring. She is the public face of, and ambassador for, Gladstone postdocs. Sudha also works closely with Gladstone’s Postdoctoral Advisory Committee (GPAC) in its mission to help create a superior training environment for Gladstone postdocs. Sudha reports to Robert Obana, COO.


Sudha comes to us from UT MD Anderson Cancer Center where she did her post-doctoral fellowship developing tumor progression models. As a postdoctoral fellow, she served on UT MD Anderson's Postdoctoral Association Executive Committee, and believes in a superior training environment that includes professional, personal and scientific development of all postdoctoral scholars.


Sudha Krishnamurthy, BDS, PhD
Director, Office of Postdoctoral and Graduate Student Affairs

email: sudha.krishnamurthy@gladstone.ucsf.edu

phone: 415-734-2769

office: 135