Grant Writing Resources


UC Davis - Guide To Grant Writing

David G. Bauer: The 'How To' Grants Manual: Successful Grantseeking Techniques for Obtaining Public and Private Grants (Phoeniz Ariz., Oryx Press, 1995) Peter J. Feibelman: A Ph.D. is not enough: A guide to survival in Science (Reading, Mass., Addison-Wesley Publishing, 1993)


Science's Nextwave Grant Writing Resource Page


Ellen Barrett's Hints for Writing Successful NIH Grants


The Foundation Center Online Library

 Orientation to Grantseeking

 Guide to Funding Research

 Proposal Writing Course



Funding Agency Manuals/Guides

Corporation For Public Broadcasting. "Basic Elements of Grant Writing." []



Environmental Protection Agency. "EPA Grant-Writing Tutorial." []



National Institutes of Health, "The Original How to Write a Research Grant Application" -- book updated March 31, 1999, for modular grants (PDF file) []



National Institutes of Health, National Cancer Institute (NCI), Grant Resource Web []



National Institutes of Health, National Institute of Allergies and Infectious Diseases (NIAID), Grant Writing Resource Page



National Science Foundation, Division of Undergraduate Education. "A Guide for Proposal Writing." []



Social Science Research Council. "The Art of Writing Proposals." []


General Manuals/Guides


Eastern Michigan University, Office of Research Development. "ORD Handbook for Proposal Writers and Project irectors." [].



Georgia Perimeter College. [E. Brown's website] "Proposal Writing: Stages and Strategies with Examples." [].



Kinkaid, Amy, "The Essentials of Proposal Writing." [].



Kraicer, Jacob, "The Art of Grantsmanship." [].



Newman, Rhonda, "Grant Proposal Development (90-430 C) ." Congressional Research Service Report for Congress, August 30, 1990. Portions of this report have been rewritten by Jon Harrison. []



Penn State, Research and Technology Transfer Organization."Proposal Development." []



The Regional Alliance Hub for Mathematics and Science Education Reform. "TERC Grant Writing Guide" [ TERCGrantManual/TOC.html]



Reid, Alice N. T.(Instructor of English, Delaware Technical and Community College, Wilmington Campus []. "A


Practical Guide for Writing Proposals." []


Roanoke College. "Successful Proposal Writing with specific hints from NSF and NIH."



Saint Louis University, Research Services and Grants Administration. "Writing the Proposal." [].


Stephen F. Austin State University, Office of Research and Sponsored Programs. "Proposal Writing." 


University of Central Arkansas, Office of Sponsored Programs. "Proposal Writing Guide." [ Programs_Proposal_Guide.pdf]



University of Idaho, University Research Office. "A Basic Guide for UI Faculty. Staff, and Students in Proposal Development," by John K. Yost.



University of Michigan, Division of Research Development and Administration "Proposal Writer's Guide." [ research/proposals/proposal_dev/pwg/pwgpage.html].



University of Montana. "A Proposer's Guide to Sponsored Programs Proposal Preparation." []



University of Pittsburgh, Office of Research. "Proposal Writing Guide." []



University of Southerm California, Department of Contracts & Grants "General Proposal Guidelines." [].


Wake Forest University, Office of Research and Sponsored Programs. "Writing Successful Information Technology Proposals." [ Research-and-Sponsored-Programs/rsp/Write/techprop.htm].


Bibliographies of Books/Resources on Proposal Writing


George Washington University, Office of Sponsored Research. "Proposal Writing Guides."


Michigan State University Library. "Grantsmanship Techniques." []


State Library of Ohio, World Wide Web Information Network. "Grants and Grantsmanship: Selected Publications - Update January 1997." [].


University of Wisconsin Madison, Grants Information Center. "Proposal Writing: Internet Resources." [].



Writing Aids


WWWebster Dictionary (the on-line version of "Merriam-Webster's Collegiate Dictionary, Tenth Edition)." [] "Grammar and Style Guides." [].


Raymond, Eric. []. "Jargon File Resources." [].


"Roget's Internet Thesaurus." []


Strunk, William. "The Elements of Style." Columbia University, Academic Information Systems (AcIS), Bartleby Library. [].


"WorldWideWeb Acronym and Abbreviation Server." [].