GPAC Leadership Overview


This is currently how GPAC leadership is structured. The Office of Postdoctoral Affairs oversees GPAC. GPAC is led by two co-chairs that coordinates and oversees the progress of the four different sub-committees. Each sub-committee has a lead, which coordinates the efforts of their sub-committee and manages the various projects. GPAC also has Taskforces, which are formed on an as-needed basis for special projects.





















GPAC Leadership Term Limits


  • Office of Postdoctoral Affairs Program Director: Gladstone Employee


  • Co-Chairs: Will voluntarily serve as co-chairs for one calendar year (January  - December). Broad representation across all institutes will be required for all subcommittees and taskforces.

  • Co-Chairs Elect: Co-chairs will seek GPAC volunteers by July of said year. The co-chairs elect will become Co-Chairs the following January and serve until December of that said year. Broad representation across all institutes is encouraged.

  • Sub-committee Chairs/Leads: Leads will voluntarily serve as sub-committee leads for 6mo intervals as suggested. Broad representation across all institutes is encouraged.

  • Taskforce Leads/Chairs: They will voluntarily serve as taskforce leads until completion of project and be responsible for overseeing taskforce project from start to finish.  Broad representation across all institutes is encouraged.


Leadership Roles and Responsibilities



Eligibility and Membership


In order to work on GPAC initiatives you must be a member of GPAC. It is required that all GPAC members join at least one Sub-Committee.