Attending a Site Visit




1. Submit your biosketch online


We ask that you first complete the pre-biosketch survey. Once completed, you will be automatically directed to the biosketch link. The biosketch is a short description of your background, interests, expertise, skills, and accomplishments. Completing this document is required to participate in the site visits and will be used to select participants should space be limiting. If you are selected to go on a site-visit, a copy of your biosketch may given to the hosting company, if requested. To see pointers on how to best tailor your biosketch, check out slides from our previous workshop. Your biosektch will be on file from August 2014-August 2015. A new biosketch will need to be submitted every year.


If you've already submitted a biosketch for this upcoming ExCITe season, but would like to update it, please contact us.


2. Reserve your spot and wait for notification


You will receive information about upcoming site visits through the ExCITe listserv or the LinkedIn Group. For each site-visit, you will receive a link to an invitation to request participation. Responding to the invitation does not guarantee your spot.


Candidates are selected to go on a site visit based on several criteria including the biosketch, attendance record, and company input. If you are selected, you will receive email confirmation with information about transportation arrangements and itinerary. If you are not selected, you will receive an email notification about your placement on our waitlist. People on the waitlist have a chance to go on the site visit in the event of cancellations. If you are selected and you need to cancel, please do so more than 48h in advance. Failure to do so will result in future site visit eligibility.


3. Preparing for the site visit


  • Attend ExCITe workshops to learn and practice new skills, which will help prepare you for the site visits.

  • Research the company you are visiting by exploring the company website and reading press releases ahead of time. Also, take some time to familiarize yourself with the company and review the current job openings to get an idea what positions they are hiring for and what skills are required for certain positions. There may be recruiters present during the site visit to inform the group about hiring procedures and career opportunities. Be sure to bring your resume just in case.

  • Prepare your business cards in advance (business_card_template.pdf). To fill in the pdf, download and save the pdf. When finished, submit to Teresa Roberts in our Graphics department by emailing her at Business cards are printed in groups of eight, therefore if you'd like to get your cards printed soon, try to bundle your order with seven other interested parties.


4. Enjoy the site visit!


  • Be on time for departure. Failure to cancel 48h in advance will result in ineligibility for the next season of ExCITe visits.

  • Network! This is a great opportunity to get an insider’s look at companies that do not normally open their doors to the public.

  • Learn about the company. Interact with each industry professionals and engage during the presentations by participating in discussions.

  • Share your experience. A short survey will be sent to you shortly after the site visit. Your responses are important to us in order to improve future site visits and maintain funding for the program.