ExCITe'ing Opportunities


Participating with the ExCITe program exposes you to the world of biotech with the potential opportunity to get hands-on experience through ExCITe-ships, internships, or industry postdoctoral experience. Such opportunities are great ways to gain experience in biotech and build from your academic experience and training. We hope that by participating in the ExCITe program you are better informed about broad career opportunities, more confident about advancing your career, and have built a strong network. Lastly, we hope that you are now better prepared to make an informed decision about your career path.





ExCITe-ships are hands-on apprenticeships in industry. In general, the ExCITe-ships can last up to 6-weeks (3-4h/week), where trainees can shadow leaders within the company or group to gain valuable experience and exposure within the business. If you participate in an ExCITe-ship, we ask that you complete a short survey to help us improve ExCITe-ship opportunities.