Leadership Roles and Responsibilities  

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GPAC Co-chairs' Responsibilities


  • The Co-Chairs define the overall vision and direction of GPAC, while being responsive to input from GPAC.

  • The Co-Chairs serve as the heart and voice for postdoc issues, therefore must be passionate about improving postdoctoral work and life experiences.

  • Working with the other committee members, the Co-Chairs work to accomplish the committee's mission and goals in making Gladstone a better workplace for postdocs.

  • In conjunction with the committee, use results of the bi-annual postdoc survey to identify postdoctoral concerns and set the priorities of the subcommittees and taskforces.

  • The Co-Chairs organize and preside over the monthly meetings, in conjunction with the Postdoc Program Coordinator.

    • They are responsible for timely notification of meeting times and locations, preparation and timely dissemination of the agenda, supporting documents, and mintues for the meetings.

    • While also expressing their own views, the Co-Chairs must encourage and ensure that all GPAC members are given an opportunity to voice their opinion or provide input at meetings.

  • The Co-Chairs should be engaged in all committees, assisting each committee chair/lead in making progress on the committee's yearly goals.

  • The Co-Chairs are responsible for presenting the goals and accomplishments of GPAC to postdoctoral scholars once a year.

  • In conjunction with the other committee members, prepare written proposals, budgets, timelines, and other documentation for projects and/or recommendations that will be presented to Gladstone leadership annually.

  • Meet with Gladstone leadership (president, directors, admin officers/directors, etc.) about issues regarding postdocs, which includes meeting (and preparing for a meeting) with Gladstone's president.

  • The Co-Chairs ensure that GPAC is represented by the three Institutes and is always keeping an eye out for potential new members.

  • The Co-Chairs represent GPAC at all necessary functions, representing both postdocs and GPAC interests at meetings when invited (e.g. town hall
    meetings, donors, etc.)


  • If possible, attend the National Postdoctoral Association Annual Meeting, provided there is funding.

  • Necessary Skills:

    • The Co-Chairs should have experience as a postdoc and a clear idea of the needs and concerns of postdocs at Gladstone.

    • The Co-chairs should exhibit strong leadership and people skills and be receptive to constructive input from GPAC and other interested parties in defining the goals of GPAC. Strong team-building, motivational and communication skills will facilitate not only the monthly meetings, but also the interactions of GPAC members.

    • The ability to delegate is important, however, the Co-Chairs should have sufficient time to dedicate effort in assisting Sub-Committee and Taskforce leads/chairs.

    • Other skills include: critical thinking skills, team player, motivator, prioritize tasks, ability to multitask (e.g. work on multiple projects/proposals), highly organized, effective speaker, delegate and manage taskforces, and oversee all GPAC sponsored events (e.g. career panel, lunches, happy hours, postdoc appreciation week).