Gladstone Postdoctoral Advisory Committee Accomplishments


Mentor Coffee Program: Take a mentor, any mentor, to coffee on us! For more information, visit the mentor coffee program website.


Gladstone Mentor Program: This program is currently underway, with the goal of improving mentoring at Gladstone. To learn more, please visit the Mentor Taskforce Webpage.


Childcare Assistance: The Gladstone Childcare Assistance Program (GCAP) provides a grant of up to $5,000 tax free per benefit plan year to qualified employees with children less than twelve years of age to assist in meeting the cost of childcare. Grants are funded by Gladstone through the Dependent Care Reimbursement Account (DCRA) and are subject to the to the same rules and regulations. To learn more, please see Gladstone Benefits.


ExCITe (Exploring Careers in Industry and Technology) Program: This program gives trainees the opportunity to explore broad careers in industry. To learn more, please visit the ExCITe website.


Career Development Panels: In collaboration with UCSF Business Club we've hosted both the Biotechnology Panel and the Bioentrepreneurial Panel. We have also organized career talks with Gladstone industry/academic Alumni.


Career Development Workshops: We schedule regular career development lunch workshops for our postdocs, such as:

  • Navigating the NIH Fellowship Process at Gladstone, presented by the Gladstone Grants Department

  • NIH Grant-Writing Tips, presented by Dr. Keith Yamamoto

  • How to Choose and Apply for a K Award, by Tom Mitchell, MPH


Postdoc Orientation: A new orientation geared specifically for postdocs is now offered once a quarter.


Institute-wide Happy Hours: GPAC hosts happy hours to increase communication and bring the entire scientific community together once a quarter.


Postdoc Appreciation Week: GPAC works hard to organize events during postdoc appreciation week to celebrate the posdocs. Every year we host a BBQ lunch with PIs. This year (2014) we also had a postdoc Happy Hour and co-hosted a Career Networking event with the Buck Institute.